Councillor James Pasternak was elected to City Council in 2010 and re-elected in 2014 and 2018. Councillor Pasternak sits on the Mayor’s Executive Committee as the current Chair of the Infrastructure and Environment Committee and he is also the Chair of North York Community Council.  James was born in Bathurst Manor and James and his wife Lynn and four children have been living in Ward 6 (York Centre)  for almost 30 years.

During his time in office, Councillor Pasternak has been committed to fiscal responsibility while simultaneously supporting investments in precious programs and services. Councillor Pasternak has championed the improvement of city parks, recreation programs, senior’s issues, public realm projects and road infrastructure and storm water projects throughout York Centre.  James listens.  He has hosted numerous community meetings on topics such as transit, community safety, the arts, affordable housing, budgeting priorities and building applications.  James was instrumental in making the recognition of the World War II Victory in Europe Day a major civic tribute to veterans and organized a major civic tribute to our 1972 Russia-Canada hockey heroes on the 40th anniversary of Canada’s victory.

Councillor Pasternak is credited with driving a number of transformative policy issues at City Hall. His work lead to the updating of the 15 year old City of Toronto Anti-Discrimination Policy; the creation of Toronto’s Tennis Excellence Framework; the move to expand Toronto’s student nutrition program; improving the safety and privacy issues of drone aircraft; and bringing the issue of e-cigarettes onto the Toronto Board of Health agenda.

Before coming to a City Hall, James Pasternak was elected as a Toronto District School Board Trustee where he lead community initiatives such as special education and seeing the establishment of Toronto’s only Africentric Alternative School. Councillor Pasternak has earned degrees from the London School of Economics and Political Science, the University of Western Ontario and York University.

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