Interested in Reducing Your Footprint? Waste Reduction Week is Here! Oct 21-27

Waste Reduction Week – October 21-27

Did you know that the City of Toronto manages over 900,000 tonnes of waste per year? October 21-27 is Waste Reduction Week in Canada and it’s a good reminder of the many ways we can reduce waste to minimize the amount of garbage going to landfill. The City of Toronto has many great resources and ideas to help you reduce your waste footprint.

  • Donate – Clearing the clutter? Give items you’re not using anymore such as books, clothes and toys a new life through donation. See the map of non-profit organizations that accept used items.

  • Borrow / Share – Need a tool, camping gear, toys or games? Check out the Toronto Tool Library instead of buying new.  The library has many of these items available for you to borrow.

  • Swap – Interested in reducing your clothing footprint?  Organize a swap with friends or attend one of the many swap events happening in the city. Learn other ways to become a sustainable fashion citizen.

  • Repair or Repurpose – Something broken? Extend the life of items like clothing, bikes, appliances and electronics through the one of Toronto’s community reduce and reuse programs.

More ways to reduce waste at